2019 Agenda

Smithers and L.E.K. Consulting is pleased to feature The Future of Packaging agenda for 2019. During this one-day conference, attendees heard an opening keynote from a Smithers expert on the future of the packaging industry, four expert panels with panelists such as private equities, investment bankers, leading industry players, major e-commerce retailers, brands and more. 

The Future of Packaging: May 8th

Registration and Coffee

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  1. Registration

Morning Session

  1. Opening Remarks

    Duane Neidert, Ciaran Little, Carol Wingard, Thilo Henkes and Jeff Cloetingh

  2. Keynote: E-Commerce Packaging - Future Outlook for Sustainable E-Commerce Packaging

    Stephen Harrod | Consultant of Smithers

    • The Challenge: The rise of ecommerce and the impact on sustainability
    • The Opportunity: packaging innovations that deliver on supply chain demands and sustainability goals
    • Growth outlook for sustainable ecommerce packaging by region, end use and material type
    • conclusions
  3. Networking Break

  4. Panel #1: Innovation in Healthcare Packaging

    CharterNEX Films, SMC ltd., Phillips-Medisize and Tekniplex

    Healthcare packaging businesses can beare the gem in the crown for some packaging companies, while which may be the reason why other packaging companies or investors may beare actively seeking the right way to play in the healthcarethis attractive packaging market.

    This panel will explore a range of topics including:

    • How healthcare packaging markets can be characterized dramatically differently based upon where they are playing (and impact on M&A multiples)
    • How Medical OEM customer needs are evolving and the impact on packaging
    • The risk / reward tradeoff for Medical OEMs considering innovative packaging formats / materials
    • How packaging companies are responding with innovative packaging to address evolving customer demands
  5. Networking Break

  6. Panel #2: Future of Sustainable Packaging

    Loop Industries, MWNY, Berry Global, Novolex and Aptar Group

    Nelson Switzer at Loop Industries
    Paul Alshooler, Principal, MWNY
    Rob Flores, Director of Sustainability at Berry Global
    Adrianne Tipton, VP Innovation & Market Development at Novolex
    Stephan Tanda, President & CEO at Aptar Group
    Roger Zellner, Former Director, R&D Global Packaging | Formerly With Mondel─ôz International, Inc. | Current Owner of Rogue Zebra Consulting & Coaching

    The conversation around sustainable or “green” packaging has intensified, particularly in Europe and North America, as consumers, brand owners, regulators, and activists demand more sustainable solutions from the packaging sector.

    On this panel, we’ll hear from packaging companies on topics related to the outlook for sustainable packaging, including:

    • How the sector defines “sustainable”
    • Drivers of sustainable/green packaging
    • End markets undergoing the most significant pressure
    • Impact on re-usable packaging formats
    • Recycling streams and challenges around supply (U.S. vs. Europe)
    • Impact on the M&A environment for packaging businesses
  7. Lunch

Afternoon Session

  1. Panel #3: Ecommerce Packaging Trends

    WestRock, Pregis, SealedAir Corporation, Fuseneo and Former Director, R&D Global Packaging for Mondelez

    Ecommerce packaging needs to not only protect the product, but can also play an integral role in delighting consumers during the packaging opening experience. The packaging ecosystem (e.g., raw material suppliers, converters, equipment providers) is dynamically attempting to innovate to better meet the needs of an increasingly e-commerce world. On this panel, we’ll hear from panelists on the potential impact on the e-commerce packaging ecosystem given a range of trends:

    • Ecommerce packaging challenges brand owners face (e.g., retail-online primary packaging consistency, exclusion / inclusion of secondary packaging)
    • Opportunities / risks for brand owners in moving toward direct-to-consumer
    • Packaging innovations (e.g., box on demand, ship in-own container, packaging format / substrates)
    • Potential future changes to transportation / logistics (e.g., autonomous delivery)
  2. Networking Break

  3. Panel #4: Innovation in Food/Foodservice Packaging

    TemperPack, ProAmpac, Novolex and Pepsico

    Consumer food has undergone a shift towards natural, organic, and international flavors, which has driven an explosion in the number of brands, number of sub-brands, and number of products / SKUs in the food category. This has driven a need for packaging companies to innovate to serve the grocery channel, foodservice channel, and grocery delivery channel (e.g., meal-kits). This panel will address innovation in packaging in food and foodservice, including:

    • Drivers of brand, sub-brand, and product / SKU proliferation in food
    • Evolution of the usage of digital printing in the context of decreasing average runlengths
    • Packaging format / material mix-shifts in foodservice
    • Opportunities / challenges in meal-kit packaging
    • Commercial challenges (“hunter” vs. “gatherer” mentality)
  4. Closing Remarks

  5. Evening Reception