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Venue and Accommodations



All speakers and delegates are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodations. Please make your hotel reservation at The University Club of Chicago as soon as possible. Space is very limited. 

Click here to make your reservation online on the University Club website. At the top of the page, you will need to select “Group Code” and enter our group code: 8422.

Reserve your room by phoning the University Club at (312) 726 -2840, and ask for Guest Room Reservations, and mention you are attending the Smithers and L.E.K. Consulting Future of Packaging Conference. 

If you wish to arrive on an earlier date, or stay additional nights, you must call the University Club directly.

Conference Venue

University Club of Chicago

76 East Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603

It began over a century ago, when a small group of university graduates gathered together in order to establish a meeting place of their own. The State of Illinois granted them a charter in 1887. Their goal was simple – to foster an appreciation of literature and the arts and to create an environment where they, their guests and all future members could draw upon the sustaining values of a common educational experience.

As vanguards of the Chicago School of Architecture, members and architects William Holabird and Martin Roche presented designs for the new Clubhouse. Although the members had been expecting designs in the style of the adjacent Gage buildings, which Holabird and Roche also designed, the pair returned with a shocking Gothic "skyscraper." Their design became the first of its kind, and the completed building was occupied by the membership on April 3, 1909.

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Warning for delegates and exhibitors:

** IMPORTANT NOTE: It has come to our attention that a number of accommodation service providers have contacted companies supporting the Future of Packaging regarding hotel reservations. When delegates say they have already booked they are told that they need to finalize their booking by completing a form with credit card details. This generates a new booking and a 25% deposit is immediately charged to the card - this is non-refundable and any cancellation incurs a heavy penalty.

These companies DO NOT represent Smithers and should NOT be given any credit card information.

Should you receive any correspondence from unauthorized organizations regarding accommodation arrangements for the Future of Packaging , or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.